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Bio-Remodelling Treatment

Bio-Remodelling treatment comprise products designed to enhance the skin of the face, neck, decolletage, hands and other targeted areas of the body, addressing various concerns for overall improvement.

Non-Surgical Lower Facelift

As we age, our perioral region (mouth area), can be one of the most visible signs of aging, along with loose jawline skin (known as our jowls) – these signs of aging can lead individuals to choose a traditional surgical facelift, which results in an extended ‘downtime’ and associated permanent scarring.

At Bella Plastic Surgery we offer an alternative non-surgical treatment focuses on the lower face, to soften lines around the mouth, conceal the lower jowls and strength the lower jawline.


Alocuro PRP is an injectable treatment where your own plasma is used, injected into the face and other body areas, to enhance skin tone, texture, and overall skin health and vitality.

Liquid Facelift

The Liquid Facelift is a non-surgical facial treatment is designed to address the visible signs of ageing, specifically, to treat facial lines and wrinkles, address volume loss, increase skin hydration and improve skin health.

Lines and Wrinkles

There are a range of different non-surgical treatments that are designed to address line and wrinkles. One of the most popular treatments involves the use of muscle relaxant products which are injected into the areas of concern. This treatment uses a small number of extremely fine needles to inject a tiny volume of the product. The discomfort experienced is minimal, and a cold pack can be used to reduce discomfort if necessary. The procedure takes only a few minutes and typically requires two to three days to begin relaxing the treated areas and reducing facial lines. The maximum effect of the products can be seen one to two weeks post-treatment.

Lines and wrinkles are primarily formed through the repetitive contraction of facial muscles. We use products that inhibit the neurotransmitters, thereby preventing the muscles from contracting which will result in a visible improvement in lines and wrinkles. For example, these products can be used to relax the muscles around the eyes to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

It is important to note that there is no immediate improvement in static lines (lines that are present at rest). However, following several non-surgical treatments, skin that is normally creased has time to rest and recover, and an improvement in static lines usually occurs.

We commonly treat frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet (at the sides of the eyes). In addition, we can also use a range of different products to provide a brow lift by shaping or elevating the position of the brow.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Bella Plastic Surgery offers the Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedure that uses gel-like products, to ‘conceal’ the dorsal hump found on the bridge of the nose, elevate the nose tip, and make other adjustments to improve the appearance of the nasal contour.

‘Kiss Me’ Lip Augmentation

We are excited to introduce our new ‘Kiss Me’ Lip Augmentation Treatment, a unique lip treatment technique offered only by Bella Plastic Surgery. This treatment technique is designed to provide a non-surgical Cupid’s Bow lift, create well-defined lip boards and enhance the overall size of the lips – and importantly, leaving your lips looking as natural as possible!

Tear Trough (under-eye) Treatment

The Tear Trough (under-eye) treatment involves the application of a range of different products, administered by needle in the under-eye area, to alleviate hollowing and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags.

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek Enhancement Treatment is designed to address volume loss and provide more structure and definition to the cheek region.


Profuse underarm sweating may cause embarrassment and inconvenience – if this is you, this non-surgical treatment might be a suitable option.