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We offer the very latest and most advanced technology in non-surgical muscle enhancement, skin tightening and fat reduction. The Evolve can be used to treat several parts of the body which include the arms, tummy and thighs. parts of the body.

What is Evolve?

The EVOLVE device has three separate treatment systems for maximal body contouring – TONE, TITE & TRIM

Muscle TONE – The muscle tightening typically performed with an Abdominoplasty, and lack of any physical exertion for the first six weeks, will initially weaken your muscles. Therefore, to get your core strength back on track and better than ever before, we recommend the Evolve EMS muscle enhancement therapy. EMS muscle toning and strengthening system targeted to your abdominal muscles will help you to re-engage and activate your newly tightened muscles with a rapid development of maximal core strength and tone.

TITE – Skin Tightening – During an Abdominoplasty procedure, Dr Dona always removes the maximum amount of skin that can be done safely with the least potential complications. However, it is inevitable that within a few months, due to post-operative swelling, stretching and skin relaxation the skin will not be as tight as it was initially.

Using the latest Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening technology, we will help reduce the natural stretching in your skin and help with further tightening! Overall, maximising the quality of your newly created tummy.

TRIM – Fat Reduction – Abdominoplasty prcoedures are primarily an operation that removes excess skin, with its associated fatty tissue. However, like most of the population, many patients often have stubborn areas of fatty tissue that they’d like to have removed after surgery.

This can now be performed non-surgically using the most advanced RF energy and suction applicators to deliver a uniform thermal effect to the deepest layers of the subcutaneous fat to provide maximal fat loss.

We recommend starting no sooner than six weeks after your Abdominoplasty surgery and undergoing six weekly, 30 minute treatments.

As an absolute minimum, you should have the TONE treatment starting at 6 weeks post-op. However, you can combine any of these three treatments. A popular combination is to have the TITE and TONE during your same clinic visits for 6 weeks. For maximal body contouring, you may also wish to add the TRIM. With all three treatments, you should allocate approximately 2 hours for your clinic visit as time is required between treatments to change the applicators.